Enhance or master your daily living skills through occupational therapy.

caregiver assisting patient in walking Occupational Therapy allows the patient to restore or master his abilities and skills to perform his daily living tasks at home or in a work environment. Through this therapy, occupational therapists can treat conditions which are physically, mentally, emotionally, or developmentally disabled.

During the course of treatment, patients will be taught to regain their skills or compensate for a permanent or temporary loss of their mobility function. They will also work closely with the patient’s family to ensure that the patient will have a more comfortable transition in life’s challenges.

The services offered under our Occupational Therapy program are:

  • Assessment and evaluation of the patient’s current health condition
  • Restoring physical function
  • Improving the level of independence in the safe performance of their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living)
  • Education on the use of a mobility equipment
  • And more